Locating Information On Assault Helicopters


If you have ever watched movies that had to do with war, you have more than likely seen both jet fighters and helicopters. Each of these has a different role when it comes to combat missions, with helicopters being the most diverse. Jet fighter planes are able to come in at high speeds, delivering attacks using machine guns and missiles, quickly coming into and leaving the area. But assault helicopters get actually produce the most damage, specifically with their ability to deliver the same type of carnage with their military grade weapons, but do so with much more accuracy. Here is an overview of what these helicopters are able to do, the type of weapons that each one typically has, and where you can find the most information on these military vehicles.

Overview Of Assault Helicoptersmonthly_04_2014-thumb-4ac3ad56738fde2675a3c7fcbb0001d3-335th-ahc-horse-thief

Also referred to as an attack helicopter, these are military aircraft that are able to engage the enemy on the ground. They are able to take out not only individuals, and brigades of soldiers, but also underground facilities, buildings, and armored vehicles. Considered to be gunships, armed with missiles, rockets, machine guns and automatic cannons, they can do quite a bit of damage to the enemies that they are attacking very quickly, moving in and out of the area. Often used for scouting before an actual attack occurs, they do not move with the speed of a jet fighter. This is why many of them will be shot down, unless they are equipped with the latest types of technology that can detect when enemy fire is coming their way, allowing them to avert potential destruction.

How And When They Were Developed

Examples of different one include the Piper J-3 Cub, the AH–56 Cheyenne and the Mil Mi-24 developed by the Soviet Union. These are very intense aircraft, some of them looking very much like a camouflaged dragonfly, able of destroying targets very easily. Their purpose is almost always to gain some type of Intel in an area where the enemy might be, some of them equipped with stealth mode for nighttime operations. Rumors have come out about silent black helicopters that make almost no noise at all due to the rotation speed of the rotors. So many have come out over the years, and many more have been developed in secret, it’s hard to determine which ones are actually top-of-the-line. You can find more information on the Internet about all of the assault helicopters that have been developed over the last several decades, allowing you to get an understanding of what is being used right now. You can get manufacturer coupons from the companies or different sites on the internet if you are looking to purchase some of these amazing helicopters.

Assault Helicopters in Combat


Assault Helicopters is the term given to heavily armored helicopters, whose primary function is to act as an attack aircraft. Assault helicopters have the capability of engaging ground forces, infantry as well as armored vehicles, from a point of advantage. The heavy weaponry and armor that these helicopters are capable of carrying sometimes confuses them with aerial gunships.

History of the Assault Helicopter

The assault helicopter has seen some significant improvements in design and performance since they were first introduced to military operations shortly after the second world war. The huge success of the air force against Hitler’s mobile armor during WWII highlighted the need for low flying slow moving aircraft to combat tanks.
Though the first helicopters to be used for military purposes were primarily running rescue operations it was only a matter of time until someone thought “What if we attached some bazookas to that thing?” This began with the Sikorsky H-34’s in the US and the Russian Mil Mi-4’s. The trend only escalated from there.
By the 1960’s many countries were producing specialized helicopters capable of carrying more and more high tech weaponry as well as increased versatility in rescue and tactical missions. In the 1990’s heat seeking missiles were added to the assault helicopters arsenal and now tanks hardly stand a chance.

The Modern Assault Helicopter

Today the most powerful assault helicopters are made in the United States, China, Russia, France, Italy and Germany and are sold internationally. A single assault helicopter is projected to destroy 17 times its own cost of production before it is destroyed itself. In order to accomplish this task, most assault helicopters are fitted with one or more of the following: anti-tank missiles, machine guns, auto-cannons, guided missiles and sometimes, though mainly just for protection, air to air missiles. Other specialized varieties also come with cloaking devices to make them undetectable to radar.

Why People Are Obsessed With Assault Helicopters


There has always been quite a bit of intrigue when it comes to assault helicopters that have been produced by virtually every country on the planet. Those that have the means to do so, countries like the United States, Britain and Russia, have produced some of the finest. The purpose of these particular vehicles is to ensure that troops are safe, doing all of their attacks from the air. Unlike fighter jets, you can be much more precise and tactical, plus do scouting missions, and they are all equipped with quite a bit of buyer power. Let’s look at why so many people are intrigued with these military grade helicopters, and potentially determine which ones of the best.

Fire Power And Assault Helicopters

These helicopters are equipped with quite a bit of firepower which will include guns, missiles, and rocket launchers. The style of each one can differ considerably, and the amount of ammunition that each one can contain also has to do with its size. If you are looking at the Bell AH-1Z Viper, Mil Mi-28 or the CAIC WZ-10, they can differ in construction, weight, and overall range and capabilities, making each one very unique.

Different Attack Helicopters

When you look at the many different countries that have these helicopters including the People’s Republic of China, the Soviet Union, the United States, India and Italy, the general appearance can vary considerably. The Mil Mi-35 and HAL Rudra have a different overall body size, shape, construction, and even different amounts of weight, making them all very different. An example of these differences is most clearly seen when you are looking at the AH-64 Apache and the OH-58D. The former has a very long sleek body, sometimes equipped with landing gear, whereas the latter is much smaller, more of a scout helicopter, with fewer capabilities.

The Allure Of These Helicopters

These helicopters are simply popular because they are mysterious in nature. This has been caused in part due to the secrecy involving some of the more top-secret projects. Rumors of black helicopters that fly at night with stealth mode, ones that can be seen at dusk that are hovering, making virtually no sound at all, as made people wonder if there is not a separate group of helicopters that most people are unaware of, similar to how the stealth fighter was decades ago. Regardless of why people like these attack helicopters, they are still being made today, a military grade war machine that will continue to amaze people for years.

A Quick Overview Of Assault Helicopters


Otherwise known as military grade helicopters, the primary purpose of these craft is for war or reconnaissance missions. They are designed to engage targets which are going to be on the ground, taking advantage of the many missiles and machine guns that they have on board in order to attack anything from troops to trucks, even armored tanks. They are very useful because of their ability to defend certain areas, paving the way for troops to move forward. They can also provide supplemental help for helicopters that are designed for scout missions only, ensuring that they are completely safe.

Different Assault Helicopters Used In Other Countries

In the United States, some of the most notable ones have been the Piper J-3 Cub series. Sikorsky R-4 were used for rescue missions, and Soviet Air Force is used Mil Mi-4’s. Today, Lockheed’s AH-56 Cheyenne is well-known for its ability to provide using antitank rockets and extremely heavy machine guns designed for intense ground fire. As time has progressed, there are rumors that there are stealth devices, ones that have been designed to operate so that they cannot be heard like traditional helicopters, giving them the ability to attack at night. Integrated into many of the helicopters are the ability to see with night vision. This makes assault helicopters of this nature some of the most deadly weapons available, and are very expensive pieces of machinery. These are similar to helicopters that are used in many different countries including the Soviet Union, England, Korea, and even the People’s Republic of China.

The Best Weapons For Military Use Today?

There is some debate over whether or not these are some of the best products available for attack and reconnaissance missions. Some people would say that fighter jets have an edge because of their ability to go in and out of certain locations, not an easy target for hostile enemy fire. However, it is clear that the stealth capabilities of these short range mission helicopters that are fully armed to defend and attack are certainly at the top of the list when it comes to protecting our country, and an integral part of the defense of nations around the world.

Now that you have a basic overview of the different types of helicopters that are used for assault purposes used in the past, and also available worldwide, you should recognize that these are some of the best forms of military equipment that are available, excellent for combat and training missions. Things have come a long way from the common helicopter that you see above a city landscape reporting the news. These are designed to be the best weapons for short range missions, providing the cover and stealth capabilities that are necessary when going into dangerous situations on missions worldwide.

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